Adapted Geological Time Scale Mnemonic

I miss Persian Camels. Specifically these ones: Persian Camels Ordinarily Sit Down Carefully. Perhaps Their Joints Creak Together Quietly. With the (somewhat) recent removal of the Tertiary in the geologic time scale and potential addition of the Anthropocene, a new mnemonic must be born. Here is mine, adapted from several others I found online.

Camels – Cambrian

Often – Ordovician

Sit – Silurian

Down – Devonian

Carefully. – Carboniferous

Perhaps – Permian

Their – Triassic

Joints – Jurassic

Creak? – Cretaceous

Persistent – Paleogene

Natation – Neogene

Prevents – Pleistocene

Hip – Holocene

Aging. – Anthropocene

Please share if you find it useful.